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The Truth? This is it


Take it or leave it , sometimes its a ‘THIS IS IT!’

In our quest to find answers
To questions plaguing our minds
We invest time , energy and efforts
Proportionate to how elusive we fathom it to be !

We expect something profound
An elaborate enlightening process
A dictum from heaven
A messiah with a ‘just for you’ message
Words of wisdom from enlightened souls
A divine voice out of nowhere
A truthsayer with a halo
A de ja vu moment !

However when the Truth confronts us
In the simplest of the ways, as it usually does
Like an inward whisper
A simple matter of fact clarification
Just things exactly the way they seem
Or the likes of these
We simply shrug it away!

And the Truth?  It just passed by
Without fetching a raised brow or even a second look!

So engulfing  is the process of seeking it
Specially, the speculative ‘could be’ ‘should be’ portions
That the research drags on
And that’s how we miss the forest for the trees !


Bitter, Yet fine !

It was going on for a while
The plastic smiles & the ‘am cool’ look
While deep inside I felt hollow & shy
To face the world from a loser’s eye!
I told myself in every growing day
That this too shall pass away
The secret was to just hang in there
Until the weather changes its face again!
After a few angry days
I did something, I hadn’t done, for quite sometime
To actually spend quality time with myself
And try to find peace from within.
I am happy now to say, I have somewhat progressed
And realize, I hadn’t lost much anyway.
The perspectives, I have gained now
I never would otherwise have,
And that certainly outweighs
My imaginary self defeating failures !
So, while it still feels bitter at times
It feels like recovering from a fever
Will bitterness really matter much
When you are actually done away with the illness ?