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Come on man, have a heart !


Today is apparently World Heart Day! My thoughts here drift simply to its symbolic representation in today’s world and absolute adoration for the soul who coined the heart logo. Think about it, its not just a complex organ even a realistic representation would require some artistic skills.  So, this Jack (of hearts) who came along, inspired perhaps by a betel leaf and coined a heart logo, totally holds my awe and adoration right now, for the sheer simplicity in representation !   Now moving on from here –

Billions of hearts around
In a biological sense indeed
Yet isn’t it the beauty in it
That we incessantly seek?

“Oh man, have a heart, listen to how I feel !”
“He hath no heart, for he hears not, to the rhythms of my beat!”
These are usual verses we hear
When we eavesdrop into hearts’ territory!

Beautiful are those
That withstands (metaphorically) the sands of time
And not wither away
By circumstances and deeds
Nesting bountiful spaces
Of love, compassion and empathy!

Hearts steeled up with ego
Quoted with pride
Hardened by rough weather and bitter pasts
Grope in darkness
Yearning to see day light !

The stellar kinds are those
That pursue kindness as breath itself
And touch peoples lives’ with its random acts,
Through selfless service and humble gestures,
They shine like the brightest star
With undiminishing charm !

What has come, will happen to pass
So a lingering hatred in the heart
Is a definite faux pas !

Come on man,
Give a piece of  your heart not mind !
‘Yeh Dil Maange More’ guarantees no peace
Try ‘Yeh Dil Dhenge more’ and ring in bliss, joy & eternal harmony!


“Surprise! “….. Just bring them on !



Magic wands on fairy godmothers,

Pregnant ducks with golden eggs ,

Knights in glittering armors sweeping off the blues,

A little bean seed leading to endless fortunes…

Well, the wishlist is endless

But tales are tales and best to leave them there

And look for ways to feel the real joys, now and here !


A volley of caring thoughts

From a friend , so dear,

Or a carefully crafted bouquet of little things

Specially designed for the unique you,

Could suddenly mean a lot in the world to you!

A ‘missed you’ hug that could fill up a book

A ‘can do’ pat, to cheer you up

Could bring up a smile that lasts long enough!


Well, when any of these come, when you least expect

Like a sudden cloud burst, right out of the blue

It sure adds to the charm, like the toppings on a stew!

I for sure, do love these pleasureable ‘surprises’!

So bring them on or pass them on

And fill the air with that undeniable charm !

Sometimes ………..



Its in the giving, that we more receive,

Like love or joy or peace

Its in the losing of ‘my’ self,

That we find the Self

It’s the journey, not the destination,

That matters more in life!



Truths hurt, yet heals

Lies placate, but eventually complicates

And how precious somethings are, could be better defined,

By what we would do without it !



Words unsaid outnumber the words expressed

Simplest deeds weigh more than profound thoughts

Some random acts of kindness could be as contagious as a flu

A warm hug could write off a million fears

And an honest smile could stir the sternest heart !

A man I once knew…..


There once lived a man who led his life with striking humility and simplicity.  He was quite knowledgeable and well read .   He was a very endearing and helpful person and was always there for his family.   He spent a lot of time with his children teaching more than what the books ever would.  He was there for anybody who needed him, no matter who it was, whether it was family or friends or even the neighborhood plumber or electrician.   He would always help with whatever he could, including a lot of physical assistance.    He would every now and then display amazing acts of kindness and walk through the next second as if nothing happened.   To me he was an epitome of humility.  In all his life, I have not once heard him complain, even during the times, when the odds were so much against him.    He passed away about a year back, after a  brief illness, against what could have otherwise been an excruciating and prolonging sickness with a  third grade tumour.     
During his last leg, the specialist doctor in the hospital once brought another patients’ family to meet him, stating no obvious reason.  I was there at that point.  After that family left, the doctor explained he had brought them in to show how courageous a man could be and to give them hope.   The doctor appreciated this man from ‘the bottom of his heart’ and stated that in all his experience he has seldom met anyone who could carry himself with such grace.
Yes, that’s the man that was, who inspired me, my family and a few others,  by just being who he was.     No philosophies, no preachings, just living life the way he did, without ever a twitch or a scorn or a complaint.  He had no expectations for return favours.  
He was my hero when I was a child and continues to be an inspiration till date.  Unfortunately, though, am not sure if he ever got to know this as I don’t remember expressing myself , when I could have.
It feels great to know someone like that.  Every time I think of my dad, I just feel the loss is a lot more than personal.  This universe has lost someone who truly strived to make this place better to live in.    And yes, my eyes swell and my heart aches.