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The Truth? This is it


Take it or leave it , sometimes its a ‘THIS IS IT!’

In our quest to find answers
To questions plaguing our minds
We invest time , energy and efforts
Proportionate to how elusive we fathom it to be !

We expect something profound
An elaborate enlightening process
A dictum from heaven
A messiah with a ‘just for you’ message
Words of wisdom from enlightened souls
A divine voice out of nowhere
A truthsayer with a halo
A de ja vu moment !

However when the Truth confronts us
In the simplest of the ways, as it usually does
Like an inward whisper
A simple matter of fact clarification
Just things exactly the way they seem
Or the likes of these
We simply shrug it away!

And the Truth?  It just passed by
Without fetching a raised brow or even a second look!

So engulfing  is the process of seeking it
Specially, the speculative ‘could be’ ‘should be’ portions
That the research drags on
And that’s how we miss the forest for the trees !


The colours of life !


Shades of the sky !

Oh how alluring is the possibility of  knowing things
With a clear, lucid vision,
When its all laid out in black and white
And ambiguity is, but an evading state !

Yet  between these shades of black and white
Lies the amazing colours and flavours of life.
The varied shades, in a constant ever-changing fashion
Adds mystery and magic, fear and awe
Thus paints a picture, the most fascinating one, ever !

Akin to the ever changing skies, be it dusk or dawn,
Taking myriad forms as elements intervene,
Watch the shades in our life transform,
With our every single breath & every heartbeat!

How so  wonderful
Would it be
To simply lose oneself
From the nuances of the future
Or that of the past
And simply soak in a trancelike joy,
Where nothing else matters
As we enjoy the roller coaster ride,
Like a passenger on the clouds,
Left with an experience of this lifetime !

Lets take the time
To feel the magic
Soak in its pure and complete bliss
And let it simply take our breath away !

Silence Speaks !

Silence , an inner voice whispering without a noise,
Language stemming from way within
With infinite connotations,
Leaving  scope  for indefinite deliberations !
It is elegant silence,
When verbal expressions are denounced
So as to not hurt someone
And impulsive assaults held back
To save the moment !

It is pseudo silence
When it appears to be calm and serene,
But right underneath, a volcano is brewing beneath !
It is enigmatic silence
When its meant to keep speculations strife
And grapewines live
What with the telltales and the hearsays!

It is strategic silence
When used as a stealth weapon
To avoid an onslaught or to save a war
Or to manipulate in desired ways
By the crafty and the ace!
It is vicious silence, if meant to harm
When yielded like a sword, without a word
Cutting through layers, sans even pincers.


It is noble silence,
When in deepest reverie we are struck by some thoughts profound ,
When we feel so at bliss,
When we relive the moments that we so cherish,
That teaches us such a lot
And it feels shallow to express
For it can never justify what it felt
May be, its illumination, at its best !

Bitter, Yet fine !

It was going on for a while
The plastic smiles & the ‘am cool’ look
While deep inside I felt hollow & shy
To face the world from a loser’s eye!
I told myself in every growing day
That this too shall pass away
The secret was to just hang in there
Until the weather changes its face again!
After a few angry days
I did something, I hadn’t done, for quite sometime
To actually spend quality time with myself
And try to find peace from within.
I am happy now to say, I have somewhat progressed
And realize, I hadn’t lost much anyway.
The perspectives, I have gained now
I never would otherwise have,
And that certainly outweighs
My imaginary self defeating failures !
So, while it still feels bitter at times
It feels like recovering from a fever
Will bitterness really matter much
When you are actually done away with the illness ?

Wishes on this Women’s Day !

If I found a magical genie
Who would make my wishes come true
This is what I would command
Sitting on a thousand square foot stool !
That every woman feels loved and cared
For the person that she is
For the joy she brings and the strength she shows
For the pain she endures !
That a woman who checks the clock, as darkness sets in
Does so, only to know the time
And she would still fearlessly venture around if she wishes so,
In the wee hours of the night !
That there are no rules laid and morals preached
By, ‘lesser’ mortals, who apparently have no other business to mind
Than to define the most absurd of things
Like what she should wear or shouldn’t
Or what she should do or shouldn’t !
I wish every man who rapes a girl
Every beast who abuses her
Every human who belittles her, for being her
Is brought around to task
And punished, at the least, a hundred times more !
Last but not the least
Here is what I wish the most –
That every woman knows her worth
And finds strength and hope,
To wade through life, with dignity and poise !
That she makes this world a better place
By spreading love and cheer
With warmth in her heart
And kindness in her thoughts
And a lot more than that, perhaps , only she is capable of !

What if ?


what-ifSome weird thoughts !

What if our brains were transparent glass cases,
And we could read each other’s thoughts?
Would we be seeing the real selves,
And find no need to talk ?
But oh! At each other’s sight, we might just take a flight!
What if we could just hang our brains out somewhere,
Whenever its convenient
Like, when we watch  a silly movie,
Or listen to mindless talks ?
What if hearts were not made of flesh and blood, and delicate nerves
But of iron or steel, or anything strong,
That could withstand, all weather conditions
Gloomy or lonely, or happy or sad ?
What if we have numbing machines, that reduces pain?
What if everyone is good and fair, and bring paradise to earth
And thereby give God some breathing space?
What if PMS is a myth, I wake up to one day
And realize that, I am always this way ?
What if we stop aspiring forever for more and live a rather contended life?
What if we were to write obituaries, when people are alive
And give them a feel of what we think?
What if all things we wish, actually comes true ?
What  if I had a perpetual cleaning machine that would ensure things at home are never strewn around?
What if I have nothing more to say?
Well, then here I wrap up
And wish you a good day. 

Don’t ! Just Dont…..


Don’t try to read me
Just from the things I write
There is a fair chance
I fabricated them,
With figments of imagination
To let out my creative streaks
Or a proud attempt to create a masterpiece!
Don’t try to read me
Just from the media clips I post,
Like the photographs, lets say
They are souvenirs of moments
Not of life !
Don’t try to read me
Just from what I say,
Words may lie
To camouflage bitter truths
Or could even be white lies
Said with the noblest of intentions
To save situations or build better relations !
What you see on the surface, are pointers,
To vouch for the signboards
You need make an attempt to reach out,
And not miss the woods                              
For the enormity of the trees!
To read me right
Look into the eyes
‘Cos they never lie.
Listen to the unspoken words
Uttered loud and clear,
In the silence of the times ,
And in the whispers of the heart!