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Ouch…it hurts !


DSC_0942“Not all scars show, not all wounds heal.  Sometimes you cant see the pain someone else feels”

I read this somewhere recently and it struck a chord.  My expressions on this emotion : PAIN

I look up into a night , devoid of stars
I am overcome with an urge to reach out to the void
Sheer space sans definition of any kind
Could sometimes be a solace to an aching heart
That wants to feel no pain, no hate, no love
Just sheer plain  ‘nothing’!

That crouching agony
Those sleepless nights
A soulless living
When death seems inviting than life!

The undying scars
The lessons you never wished to be taught,
The impermanence of feelings that glares on your face
The negativity that follows you like a trail !

The insignificance of the being called you
The slow yet sure tempering of the ego in you!

You came alone
And so shall you leave
Its worth to build some grace
And find your peace !


Its Dark!

To define the times of pain and grief
What could be more right
Than the rhythms I see in those nights?
Doing this and that,
Scurrying hither and thither,
Meeting her and him,
With etc, etc filling in…
All so possible during the day,
Just to fritter the time away,
While deftly and desperately
I make an honest attempt,
To avoid those daunting thoughts.
And then….
The darkness, as it sets in
Lets the sinister silence engulf me.
It forces me to watch, my own pandoras box,
Oh so brilliantly displayed, by my relentless thoughts.
The creepy shadows,
They play around shamelessly
In the teeny weeny hours of the night
Changing their forms and the games.

I only meant to watch
But they drag me along
With a force so demonic
That am soon sucked into the grind.
Now I start playing those ‘you will never hear about’ games
With the myriad shapes and forms,
And so involved I grow to be
That I notice no more,
That the shadows aren’t there any more.
It is just wholly, purely and solely me now,
And the games have seized me completely,
Leaving so so little to intellect,
Until a point, I can bear no more.
Then I scream out so loud
Yet no one can hear
And I look out wishfully
For the slightest ray of the morn!
Was it a night mare
Or the Satan on a mare,
Embarking on a joy ride
In the gloom of the dark?