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Illusions !


Thirsty and weary, the feet drags on
The spirit not having lost hope
Suddenly the most inviting sight beckonsShimmering Hope
With a glistening lake in my peripheral view.

I feel blood gushing through my every pore
From the tip of the head to the toe
Eureka! I jump in glee
As I hasten in incredible speed

Oh Alas !  A mirage !!
In place of, what I thought was an oasis!
In a quest for something, that never was
Oh the nuances of the mind and the heart !


Dark shades…

It felt so bitter
It felt so cold
It felt like a heart without a soul.
There was the rhythm, no music
Words, no meaning
Breath, no life…………………
Waging a war within self
A million questions in mind
In a conflict between the mind & the heart
With the heart gaining the upper edge
So heartstrong it seems, that reasons fall on deaf ears
Logic fails , delusion stays.
Its not the first time, nor will it be the last
The different ways that my thoughts daunt
I cherished a dream
Nurtured it truly from my heart,
But everytime I get closer
It slips away, far and yonder!
It feels like a mirage
So real and yet not.
Should I just give up
Or should i still hold on
Until its time again!!!