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When heart plays havoc & mind plays along !


The thing about impermanence of beings and events, is that there are times it gets difficult to go with certain changing tides. And yet, as we know, to live gracefully is to accept the truth and to accept is, at times, to let go. Why then does the heart  with a childish fetish clings on to fantasies, desires and dreams?

Like parched earth, yearning for rains
A longing heart, for love
A dog, for his master
An infant, for his mothers bosom


Like a falling petal in thin air
Whisked away by the wind
Even before it kisses mother earth
Anything can be taken away
Why so much fancies and whims?


A pregnant woman’s suspense
Lasts only nine months
But the mind’s crazy cravings
Comes with no expiry timings!


When the mind oscillates like a pendulum
With desires and disappointments
When you can barely hold on to your breath
And focus on what is on hand
That’s when reason fails, though the heart clings.


Then the mind plays and replays
A million times a pretty picture within
Only to wake up at times and see, it possibly can never be
Yet the inward eye closes and shuts to reality
It dwells again in that pretty picture
The prettiest that can be !