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Bitter, Yet fine !

It was going on for a while
The plastic smiles & the ‘am cool’ look
While deep inside I felt hollow & shy
To face the world from a loser’s eye!
I told myself in every growing day
That this too shall pass away
The secret was to just hang in there
Until the weather changes its face again!
After a few angry days
I did something, I hadn’t done, for quite sometime
To actually spend quality time with myself
And try to find peace from within.
I am happy now to say, I have somewhat progressed
And realize, I hadn’t lost much anyway.
The perspectives, I have gained now
I never would otherwise have,
And that certainly outweighs
My imaginary self defeating failures !
So, while it still feels bitter at times
It feels like recovering from a fever
Will bitterness really matter much
When you are actually done away with the illness ?