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Nothing serious about it!

Why I kept a Golu ? (Kolu) – Navratri Special :)


“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it,not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your owncommon sense” – The Buddha

My reference point on compulsions to follow anything in general,traditions in particular, is as above.   Having said this, my keeping Golu for the first time last year, came upon as a surprise to some.  My objective was simply to pass on the joy I experienced when I was a kid, to my children too.

My childhood memories are from an apartment complex which hosted a good amount of houses with folks who kept golu, including mine.  Preparations used to start in full swing a week before and my dad used to bring down those heavy wooden boxes from the lofts.  It was the sort of treasure chest kinds.   Precious they were, in a way, as dolls were inherited and passed on from generations to generations.    Come golu, it was all about  getting dressed up in traditional paavadachattai,  carrying that little box of kumkum and a door to door invitation “enga aathula golu vechiruka,vethala paaku vaangika vaango” (please come home for golu).

It was a pleasurable exercise then, sizing up the golus from kids view point of view, almost an impromptu “very nice”  or “wow” after a two minute glance,  checking the ‘whats new’ dolls of the year and grading the top golu houses – which invariably used to be A1 paati or  A15Maami, who had maximum number of steps  and all rare inheritance dolls from their yester years.  Then again,  those which had big parks and maximum mud, clay and fancy objects got huge brownie points.

That was one time of the year when we wouldn’t hesitate to knock door to door.  Along with the fun element, came a silly kiddish greed for…..sundal & goodies, which would either be fancy accessories or the never out of fashion plastic dabbas.   But to claim the delightful sundals with the usual vethla paaku seepu kannadi hampers (betelleaves, comb & mirror) , we had to cater to a traditional request of singing songs .    When you hound in groups, like we did, for sure there would be voices of nightingales, capable of honouring such demands and the likes of me, usually got away under their hide.

Incidentally, our  gang was a good mix of girls and boys.  However since this was more of a girls thingy, it required strategic planning.  So we worked hand in glove.  We would in advance tell the  boys, the houses we are going to…and they would follow us to the same houses, a few minutes later, asking if we came there ‘by any chance?’.  Children were children no matter what and the benevolent maamis would give the boys sundal packs sans the vethala paaku.

Now sundal had a very special significance in the whole scheme of things.  That is because all of us would call it a day by 8 – 8.30 pm and assemble on top of a motor room with the collections for the day. Every variety would be pooled in and distributed.  We, the children,  would share, gossip and finish all of it and get back home, looking forward to covering the next set of homes,  in the following days.

Those were days….hmmmm….yes those were !

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Paradise or Parasite?


I was yet another bemused soul quietly leading my life, drifting from one world to another…the real, the surreal, the imaginative ones…..when suddenly…..

Lights ! Camera ! Action !

The stage was all mine. The audience were all mine.   The action began.   Before I knew it, I was performing . Some of them laughed, some scorned, some enjoyed, some did not care, some left, some came in….but the stage was mine, the platform was mine and the audience too were mine…..I was greeted into another world, the virtual one !

Now after living in it for a while, am wondering if our virtual world is a paradise or a parasite? And am thinking on all sides.

A paradise it is, considering that my dearest folks over the oceans and the skies are technically not more than a call or a ping away. My world has shrunk to minute proportions, thanks to telecom and the virtual medias. The facebook, the twitters and the whatsapps make it so easy for me to glide into an alternate world painting a personality with colours of my choice, sprucing them up the way I want and send virtual perceptions of the life I live in.   It is just so easy to share, discuss, learn, update, gossip, have fun and be on top of the happenings in our little worlds like a “I-cyclopedia” of ‘Whats hot & Whats not’!.  I scream aaaachoooo & I have a whole bang of friends & family on my digital world enquiring and sharing empathy.  Virtual indulgence and holding limelight gives a sort of high. Its much easier to rub shoulders, make friends and whisper sweet nothings to those who matter and even those who don’t.


But does it also carry a price? I think, it does. At times, I feel it’s a time sucking parasite.   It sort of saps time and energy and is invariably addictive, to me.     It eats into moments that could otherwise have been different, possibly, pleasantly different. I ask myself ‘Are my senses are getting tuned to a different type of craving ?’ – a need to be heard by many, a need to share a slice of my life with others, a need to raise the voice, a need to participate, etc , etc.  A friend of mine used to tell me, his wife always thought his blackberry was a devil’s instrument for he was forever fiddling with the mails or attending calls. I don’t think she is far from right ! Are all of these devils’ instruments ? I don’t know. It depends on who is holding it and the discipline he shows, I suppose.  I have a skill to learn – to manipulate all of these worlds for a optimal life balance.

Whats your take?

Tring, Tring ! Do you hear the ring?


Today am going to write about a significant something, which though not necessarily indispensable,  is a huge inconvenience to live without!

You know, I subconsciously take a fancy to misplacing my handbags in obvious and not so obvious spots and forget about it.  The good news is, instead of going on a wild goose chase, I follow a simple one step process…. a tring tring to my mobile phone.  How does one locate handbags easily without this, I wonder!

The attractive thing about this object is, it can be totally abused to your convenience.  Lets say, for example, someone  gets on a verbal rampage that you wish to avoid and just at that moment you get a tring tring….thats your Man Friday to the rescue….. an “important client” or “long distance” call to bail you out! 

This all in all device has displayed commendable ability to  prove many other gadgets redundant –  the alarm clock, watch, a hand mirror (you can always screen self shots ) , camera , a telephone directory, a paper weight and a hand torch when you are groping in the dark!

It comes in most handy during your “I don’t know what to do” moments.   No more scratching the head or twiddling thumbs, when you are waiting for someone.  The best thing to do is to hold this lifeline pal close to your ears and chant anything.  Widely accepted and sureshot way to seem occupied.  For an intriguing timepass it is best recommended to bring out the genius in you by playing games….you could even seem more serious than the Angry Birds for the perfect busybee look!

The state of the art versions is a must for the “vetti bandhas” of the world.  This article of my interest can actually let you get as creative and expressive as you wish to be …… it almost gives you a personality ……those annoying ring tones, heart wrenching caller tunes, spicy wall peppers ooops papers, colourful displays, impressive background images, loud call alerts….. just as personal as you wish to get!

It is rumoured that real time updates on  social networks through mobile phones travels at speeds higher than that of light.   And oh it would be sort of incomplete without a mention of the texting – that sweet, sour, silly Short Messaging Service to communicate the good, bad and ugly.

Last but not the least, you can actually make and receive calls.  Well, incidentally, that is!


Knight in White!

curd-riceLittle morsels draped brilliantly
Soaking in a cloak of white
Simple yet dainty,
You are a pleasure to have
Whether day or night!
I can trust you,like a faithful wife
For a safe ride on a long drive.
You are a Handy Manny
To every nanny
Which is not uncanny
In the home of every true Madrasi !
You are the doctor
Who is most sought after
When butterflies prances in tummies
After sessions of junkies and munchies!
You can be spiced up and spruced up
With flavours to appeal
The chillies and millies
The veggies and the fruities.
You make a good couple
With a bit of  a pickle
And with a moremolaga or a vadumaanga
You are simply superlative!
Thayir Sadham you are called
Thachi mammu in kids dictionary
Curd rice in everyones’ pictionary!
Pizzas or Burgers
Rotis or Pooris
No matter what
Nothing to tip it off
Or can be better off
Without ‘Oru Vaai Thayir Saadhum’.

Its a Man’s World!


Its a Man’s world???…...Well if it is,  am not complaining.   I have no reason to.  It could be anybody’s world and here I am , living in it, for free at that!     If men would like to call this world theirs, well so be it.  But if its women who give them the credit, perhaps they earned it !

I mean, over a period of time I have found good reasons more than just the biological ones,  to have them around, even if they don’t make the world go round 🙂

Ø      Just the other day, my friend was trying to pull her Honda Activa, which was crammed in a mall’s parking lot between two heavy bikes.  We pulled and dragged with all our might but our feather touch just wouldn’t help.  We gave one doggone look to a man walking across.   With a leap and joy he came forward and with all his might got the vehicle out in a minute.   Wow! So much niceties to help out the poor damsels in distress!

Ø      We need them men to bring down the stuff from the high lofts.   That’s undisputable.

Ø      There is this streak of Raja Harishchandra in every man.  Their universal anthem is pretty straightforward and they admit it – that they just cannot understand us, women.

Ø      Shopping for apparels and accessories is not exactly their favourite thingy.   Huh good. That gives us a lot more time to shop to our hearts content, without a nudge or a grudge.

Ø      I realise chivalry is not all that dead, when I look around and find young girls in their twenty somethings getting treated by men with more than just their company…Hmmm the goodies !

Ø      The day we lose our cool and want to go headon with a man, they make it so simple for us…. We can just effortlessly  rattle out all the blunders they have done in the past.  They just give us so many reasons , as compliments,  to battle it out :-).  How forthcoming is that!

Ø      Many a time when a bill is placed in front of us, watch them men, get maniacal about picking the tab.

Ø      There is this awe factor about them, am still trying to get over.   Take for instance, two completely strange men meeting in a room.    They can sit next to each other, and discuss may be sports, politics or gadgets OR not say  a word and just watch  television and feel absolutely fine after an hour of silence.    Now this , this is an ‘X’ factor that works only with men!!

I need to stop right now, before I am tempted to go on and shift sides!   This is just meant to be a simple thanksgiving for the men I know.

I looked into the mirror…

I looked into the mirror
But could see no more
The one that was me
Oh where did I go?


The  innocent smile
The spark in the eye      
Mischief on my lips
That ignorant bliss !


All these went missing and it got me thinking
Am still contemplating
Should I put up the board ?
“Most wanted – Alive or Hurt”.
These words are screaming aloud
Inside me like a thunderbolt.


Life does that, as days goes by
Spicing and sprucing
With experiences and learnings.
It shapes you up every now and then
From the shoes, of an ace craftsman.
It tempers you up and it tempers you down
Until the point your time has come.


On the ‘heavier’ side, there is more that I see
And so can you, just trust me.
Ten kilos added than ten years ago
More lines and tiers, than I wish to show
There are reasons and reasons to this of course
Though every calorie added is one deserved !


When am down and out and need a slight push
The chocolate does the magic, that nothing else would.
And just everytime I decide otherwise
There comes a celebration that would be sinful to let by
Chocolates, Rasmalaais and Ice creams
A dessert after every meal
Keeps adding to my calories
So also my unwitting display of prosperity!