“Surprise! “….. Just bring them on !



Magic wands on fairy godmothers,

Pregnant ducks with golden eggs ,

Knights in glittering armors sweeping off the blues,

A little bean seed leading to endless fortunes…

Well, the wishlist is endless

But tales are tales and best to leave them there

And look for ways to feel the real joys, now and here !


A volley of caring thoughts

From a friend , so dear,

Or a carefully crafted bouquet of little things

Specially designed for the unique you,

Could suddenly mean a lot in the world to you!

A ‘missed you’ hug that could fill up a book

A ‘can do’ pat, to cheer you up

Could bring up a smile that lasts long enough!


Well, when any of these come, when you least expect

Like a sudden cloud burst, right out of the blue

It sure adds to the charm, like the toppings on a stew!

I for sure, do love these pleasureable ‘surprises’!

So bring them on or pass them on

And fill the air with that undeniable charm !


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