Paradise or Parasite?


I was yet another bemused soul quietly leading my life, drifting from one world to another…the real, the surreal, the imaginative ones…..when suddenly…..

Lights ! Camera ! Action !

The stage was all mine. The audience were all mine.   The action began.   Before I knew it, I was performing . Some of them laughed, some scorned, some enjoyed, some did not care, some left, some came in….but the stage was mine, the platform was mine and the audience too were mine…..I was greeted into another world, the virtual one !

Now after living in it for a while, am wondering if our virtual world is a paradise or a parasite? And am thinking on all sides.

A paradise it is, considering that my dearest folks over the oceans and the skies are technically not more than a call or a ping away. My world has shrunk to minute proportions, thanks to telecom and the virtual medias. The facebook, the twitters and the whatsapps make it so easy for me to glide into an alternate world painting a personality with colours of my choice, sprucing them up the way I want and send virtual perceptions of the life I live in.   It is just so easy to share, discuss, learn, update, gossip, have fun and be on top of the happenings in our little worlds like a “I-cyclopedia” of ‘Whats hot & Whats not’!.  I scream aaaachoooo & I have a whole bang of friends & family on my digital world enquiring and sharing empathy.  Virtual indulgence and holding limelight gives a sort of high. Its much easier to rub shoulders, make friends and whisper sweet nothings to those who matter and even those who don’t.


But does it also carry a price? I think, it does. At times, I feel it’s a time sucking parasite.   It sort of saps time and energy and is invariably addictive, to me.     It eats into moments that could otherwise have been different, possibly, pleasantly different. I ask myself ‘Are my senses are getting tuned to a different type of craving ?’ – a need to be heard by many, a need to share a slice of my life with others, a need to raise the voice, a need to participate, etc , etc.  A friend of mine used to tell me, his wife always thought his blackberry was a devil’s instrument for he was forever fiddling with the mails or attending calls. I don’t think she is far from right ! Are all of these devils’ instruments ? I don’t know. It depends on who is holding it and the discipline he shows, I suppose.  I have a skill to learn – to manipulate all of these worlds for a optimal life balance.

Whats your take?


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  1. Like I always used to say ….there is reason why we lose touch with people … its mostly beacause there was nothing common to share, nothing to add value, you didnt miss them and they didnt you. Thats how life is and its not bad. Social media mostly connects us with those relationships that ended in normal natural lifecycle of time. Relationships thriving primarily through social media may bring many moments of wonder but there is very little truth in it. But we are living in a age where the feeling of wonder is valued much higher than the truth. You can see it everwhere – Drugs, immorality, porn and facebook. Wonder all the way but very little truth.

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