Silence Speaks !

Silence , an inner voice whispering without a noise,
Language stemming from way within
With infinite connotations,
Leaving  scope  for indefinite deliberations !
It is elegant silence,
When verbal expressions are denounced
So as to not hurt someone
And impulsive assaults held back
To save the moment !

It is pseudo silence
When it appears to be calm and serene,
But right underneath, a volcano is brewing beneath !
It is enigmatic silence
When its meant to keep speculations strife
And grapewines live
What with the telltales and the hearsays!

It is strategic silence
When used as a stealth weapon
To avoid an onslaught or to save a war
Or to manipulate in desired ways
By the crafty and the ace!
It is vicious silence, if meant to harm
When yielded like a sword, without a word
Cutting through layers, sans even pincers.


It is noble silence,
When in deepest reverie we are struck by some thoughts profound ,
When we feel so at bliss,
When we relive the moments that we so cherish,
That teaches us such a lot
And it feels shallow to express
For it can never justify what it felt
May be, its illumination, at its best !

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