How would it matter ?



Of what good are the noblest of thoughts,

If they are not backed by deeds  ?

Of what use is love in the heart,

If it is locked and leashed ?


Of what good are spectacular Memorials to the souls that have left

Or ‘in memories of’ dedications & ballads, for whom they were meant ?

Of what use are relationships,

That have lost rhythms and skipped the beats ?

Of what relevance are the ‘could have been’ s or the ‘should have been’ s ?

Many a work is left incomplete,

Songs unsung, and stories unfinished

Cos  we never did, what we wished to,

When we could !


If only we live life spontaneous

Like our neighbourhood pets,

By just living, with no regrets !


If only we could let the moments rule

Sailing in its stride,

A moment a time,

A zillion moments a lifetime !




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  1. Wonderful thoughts woven into a poetic fabric with enchanting brilliance.. some dark, and some bright.. how would it matter if it s office or home.. I always find time to read your blog and poetry!! Way to go dude!!!

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