Wishes on this Women’s Day !

If I found a magical genie
Who would make my wishes come true
This is what I would command
Sitting on a thousand square foot stool !
That every woman feels loved and cared
For the person that she is
For the joy she brings and the strength she shows
For the pain she endures !
That a woman who checks the clock, as darkness sets in
Does so, only to know the time
And she would still fearlessly venture around if she wishes so,
In the wee hours of the night !
That there are no rules laid and morals preached
By, ‘lesser’ mortals, who apparently have no other business to mind
Than to define the most absurd of things
Like what she should wear or shouldn’t
Or what she should do or shouldn’t !
I wish every man who rapes a girl
Every beast who abuses her
Every human who belittles her, for being her
Is brought around to task
And punished, at the least, a hundred times more !
Last but not the least
Here is what I wish the most –
That every woman knows her worth
And finds strength and hope,
To wade through life, with dignity and poise !
That she makes this world a better place
By spreading love and cheer
With warmth in her heart
And kindness in her thoughts
And a lot more than that, perhaps , only she is capable of !

7 responses »

  1. Fabulous poetry which is a true reflection of freedom of thought and expression of the modern day women. Yes as rightly concluded the women have so much of hidden potential which needs to be mined out by them irrespective of the environment around.

  2. Very inspiring Priya….
    And commenting on thoes perticular men, who dont see women with respect… If God exists… I too wish along with you that let such beasts do not desrve place to live on earth.

  3. This is a fitting tribute to all the women ..A thousand times worth reading and more importantly for men to imbibe and respect his best half !

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