Ulta Pultas (Times change….)

Am not old enough to write experienced tales,
Neither too young, to claim so naïve,
Yet through the decades I have lived
From the Then to the Here,
Times have changed.up1
I raise no more, even half a brow,
When I see men, albeit straight
In Purples and Pinks,
Across pathways.
The colourful lungis my dad once wore,
Has changed its form, in a woman’s world
A wraparound, as its commonly known
On her waist, makes a fashionable note.
I used to think when I was small,
Kitchens were built for moms and grandmoms.
Hell no, not any more,
For in here, spaces are deftly designed to fit,
‘Anyone’ with culinary skills!
A revolution happened , its called telecom
With rates that come, cheaper than beggars alms.
The games have changed, for the children too
With less of monkey bars and hide & seeks,
And more of videos, games and technologies!
5 paise, 10 paise , 25 paise coins
For the mints, lollies and popcorns,
Holds no good anymore
For they have been cremated long long ago.
By the way,
I have forgotten what it means,
To scribble notes, in my own writings
For I have efficient technical scribes
Say the laptops, cellphones and the tabs!
Whispering sweet nothings
Through virtual means
Is far more sought out
Than to meet and greet !
There is gen coding too these days
Like the X, the Y and the Z
And every Gen will have its tale
Of Ulta Pultas that will continue to be !

3 responses »

  1. an awesome food for thought
    flavoured with humour, and blended with emotions and true words of wisdom and reality that come straight from your heart …! ulta pulta is what the world is today ! Way to go !

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