What if ?


what-ifSome weird thoughts !

What if our brains were transparent glass cases,
And we could read each other’s thoughts?
Would we be seeing the real selves,
And find no need to talk ?
But oh! At each other’s sight, we might just take a flight!
What if we could just hang our brains out somewhere,
Whenever its convenient
Like, when we watch  a silly movie,
Or listen to mindless talks ?
What if hearts were not made of flesh and blood, and delicate nerves
But of iron or steel, or anything strong,
That could withstand, all weather conditions
Gloomy or lonely, or happy or sad ?
What if we have numbing machines, that reduces pain?
What if everyone is good and fair, and bring paradise to earth
And thereby give God some breathing space?
What if PMS is a myth, I wake up to one day
And realize that, I am always this way ?
What if we stop aspiring forever for more and live a rather contended life?
What if we were to write obituaries, when people are alive
And give them a feel of what we think?
What if all things we wish, actually comes true ?
What  if I had a perpetual cleaning machine that would ensure things at home are never strewn around?
What if I have nothing more to say?
Well, then here I wrap up
And wish you a good day. 

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