You and I, in this beautiful world…..



Tom and Jerry,
Calvin and Hobbes,
Butter and Bread,
Pepper and Salt,                     
They sure as hell, do go well.
Some things in life
Are bound together,
Like bees to honey,
Or papers to glue,
Take, for instance, the Mondays and the blues!
Misfortunes and disappointments,
Paradoxes and ironies,
Labour and pain,
Contentment and bliss, lets say,
Are inevitably stitched together,
And is tough to isolate one from the other.
Neither can you brush aside,
The glow on the face,
Nor the blush off the cheek,
When you are in love
With the beauty or the beast !
Well there is one more thing
That’s best together,
Like the tropics and the heat,
Or a dance to the beat.
That’s when, you and I
Walk hand in hand,
We paint a pretty picture
As, from a magic wand !

7 responses »

  1. Nice poem, Priya!

    Inspired me to write this:

    Being late and traffic snarls,
    No umbrella and sudden showers,

    A surprise gift and a wide grin,
    Open your heart and let the sunshine in! 🙂

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