Don’t ! Just Dont…..


Don’t try to read me
Just from the things I write
There is a fair chance
I fabricated them,
With figments of imagination
To let out my creative streaks
Or a proud attempt to create a masterpiece!
Don’t try to read me
Just from the media clips I post,
Like the photographs, lets say
They are souvenirs of moments
Not of life !
Don’t try to read me
Just from what I say,
Words may lie
To camouflage bitter truths
Or could even be white lies
Said with the noblest of intentions
To save situations or build better relations !
What you see on the surface, are pointers,
To vouch for the signboards
You need make an attempt to reach out,
And not miss the woods                              
For the enormity of the trees!
To read me right
Look into the eyes
‘Cos they never lie.
Listen to the unspoken words
Uttered loud and clear,
In the silence of the times ,
And in the whispers of the heart!

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  1. I can read the undercurrent of sadness in this poem , the longing of the heart a little depressed perhaps , i liked those words ” To read me right , look into my eyes , cos they never lie …” a poetic expression of the true self . Beautiful song of the heart !

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