A man I once knew…..


There once lived a man who led his life with striking humility and simplicity.  He was quite knowledgeable and well read .   He was a very endearing and helpful person and was always there for his family.   He spent a lot of time with his children teaching more than what the books ever would.  He was there for anybody who needed him, no matter who it was, whether it was family or friends or even the neighborhood plumber or electrician.   He would always help with whatever he could, including a lot of physical assistance.    He would every now and then display amazing acts of kindness and walk through the next second as if nothing happened.   To me he was an epitome of humility.  In all his life, I have not once heard him complain, even during the times, when the odds were so much against him.    He passed away about a year back, after a  brief illness, against what could have otherwise been an excruciating and prolonging sickness with a  third grade tumour.     
During his last leg, the specialist doctor in the hospital once brought another patients’ family to meet him, stating no obvious reason.  I was there at that point.  After that family left, the doctor explained he had brought them in to show how courageous a man could be and to give them hope.   The doctor appreciated this man from ‘the bottom of his heart’ and stated that in all his experience he has seldom met anyone who could carry himself with such grace.
Yes, that’s the man that was, who inspired me, my family and a few others,  by just being who he was.     No philosophies, no preachings, just living life the way he did, without ever a twitch or a scorn or a complaint.  He had no expectations for return favours.  
He was my hero when I was a child and continues to be an inspiration till date.  Unfortunately, though, am not sure if he ever got to know this as I don’t remember expressing myself , when I could have.
It feels great to know someone like that.  Every time I think of my dad, I just feel the loss is a lot more than personal.  This universe has lost someone who truly strived to make this place better to live in.    And yes, my eyes swell and my heart aches. 

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  1. One great man who is still cherished by my family as a “one hundred percent genuine and good soul”. Tears well up…. not with the grief of having lost him… (all sweets have an expiry date)… But for the very fact that we got to know him… Rare are people like these and even rare are the genuine relationships they build!! :’)

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