When its time to say goodbye!


A Rose in full bloom, Knows not the day

               When the petals will fall,    And wither away!

I know not when, my time will come
I know not if,  I‘ll be ready to go
But the time will come
And I will be gone
Whenever it is
That destiny beckons!
When I become history,
This ego of mine will stand no chance
The deeds and misdeeds, no difference
The love, the undying love, a myth
The achievements of a lifetime, a mere timepass
The unrequited dreams, a futile effort…..
This blessed creation,
Will be in ashes, as should be –
Stripped of all emotions in a snap
The pain, the love, the joy
And all other feelings
That mean the world today
Wiped off in a clean slate!
I am sometimes curious though, to know
If I will leave feeling complete
Or with a huge wishlist
So privy, that none can anyway see !
The things that seem immeasurably important
Drifting me into this everyday trance called life
Will hopefully help me see sometime
The purpose of this creation called me
And the legacy I wish to leave behind.
In a contemplative mood like this
Perhaps I must let my little secrets out
And let people know the difference  they make
Right on their face, than on their grave!

6 responses »

  1. this is simply brilliant words put together….. yeah,… what a contemplative state of mind…..
    keep up the good writing…. i must say i like your poems better than the other blogs….. 🙂 🙂

  2. I must say, it’s very nice and true…….Life is beautiful priya, why not try your hands on it as well and scribble a note for it.

  3. simply lovely words Priya.. love d end.. its so true. we go on in life taking for granted the people who make our life what it is..so many special moments, so many joys, the care and love that we assume is always there.. it would defly make a diff if we go right up to the ppl who care and say our thank yous.. if not in words in deeds. am inspired by ur poetry to start doing so from now on.

    • Hey feels good to know this made an impact. The underlying truth is somehow we tend to assume that people and things are going to be there forever and when its too late, we wish we ‘could have’ done or said things when it mattered !

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