Tring, Tring ! Do you hear the ring?


Today am going to write about a significant something, which though not necessarily indispensable,  is a huge inconvenience to live without!

You know, I subconsciously take a fancy to misplacing my handbags in obvious and not so obvious spots and forget about it.  The good news is, instead of going on a wild goose chase, I follow a simple one step process…. a tring tring to my mobile phone.  How does one locate handbags easily without this, I wonder!

The attractive thing about this object is, it can be totally abused to your convenience.  Lets say, for example, someone  gets on a verbal rampage that you wish to avoid and just at that moment you get a tring tring….thats your Man Friday to the rescue….. an “important client” or “long distance” call to bail you out! 

This all in all device has displayed commendable ability to  prove many other gadgets redundant –  the alarm clock, watch, a hand mirror (you can always screen self shots ) , camera , a telephone directory, a paper weight and a hand torch when you are groping in the dark!

It comes in most handy during your “I don’t know what to do” moments.   No more scratching the head or twiddling thumbs, when you are waiting for someone.  The best thing to do is to hold this lifeline pal close to your ears and chant anything.  Widely accepted and sureshot way to seem occupied.  For an intriguing timepass it is best recommended to bring out the genius in you by playing games….you could even seem more serious than the Angry Birds for the perfect busybee look!

The state of the art versions is a must for the “vetti bandhas” of the world.  This article of my interest can actually let you get as creative and expressive as you wish to be …… it almost gives you a personality ……those annoying ring tones, heart wrenching caller tunes, spicy wall peppers ooops papers, colourful displays, impressive background images, loud call alerts….. just as personal as you wish to get!

It is rumoured that real time updates on  social networks through mobile phones travels at speeds higher than that of light.   And oh it would be sort of incomplete without a mention of the texting – that sweet, sour, silly Short Messaging Service to communicate the good, bad and ugly.

Last but not the least, you can actually make and receive calls.  Well, incidentally, that is!



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  1. I’ like the way you have written it, it’s different from your regular blogs. Cool one, one could easily relate well with the small small incidents that we would have experienced one time or the other.

  2. A very fine topic Priya. Tring Tring benefits can be endless, but defnitely need to mention one thing – no matter if the meeting is long and bore; you are never veiled from the cricket score.

    Well written.

  3. wonderful Priya … These gadgets have become like a part of our body . Can t really imagine a world without it . I have tried depicting an innovative model of mobile of the future in my short film too .. I liked the ending where you conclude that it s incidentally use it for making n receiving calls too .. Simple looking yet so diversified in it s usage .. Remember the tata s advt which says ” we also make steel ” ? !

  4. so rightly said… wht do we do without the tring trings..
    i like it when you said – Widely accepted and sureshot way to seem occupied.
    with the trings on, we stopped planng like the old days… u jus call and catch a frd or whoever – whenever wherever, and don bother to ask for directions – u hv the omnitring in your hand.. 🙂 😉

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