Knight in White!

curd-riceLittle morsels draped brilliantly
Soaking in a cloak of white
Simple yet dainty,
You are a pleasure to have
Whether day or night!
I can trust you,like a faithful wife
For a safe ride on a long drive.
You are a Handy Manny
To every nanny
Which is not uncanny
In the home of every true Madrasi !
You are the doctor
Who is most sought after
When butterflies prances in tummies
After sessions of junkies and munchies!
You can be spiced up and spruced up
With flavours to appeal
The chillies and millies
The veggies and the fruities.
You make a good couple
With a bit of  a pickle
And with a moremolaga or a vadumaanga
You are simply superlative!
Thayir Sadham you are called
Thachi mammu in kids dictionary
Curd rice in everyones’ pictionary!
Pizzas or Burgers
Rotis or Pooris
No matter what
Nothing to tip it off
Or can be better off
Without ‘Oru Vaai Thayir Saadhum’.

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