Its a Man’s World!


Its a Man’s world???…...Well if it is,  am not complaining.   I have no reason to.  It could be anybody’s world and here I am , living in it, for free at that!     If men would like to call this world theirs, well so be it.  But if its women who give them the credit, perhaps they earned it !

I mean, over a period of time I have found good reasons more than just the biological ones,  to have them around, even if they don’t make the world go round 🙂

Ø      Just the other day, my friend was trying to pull her Honda Activa, which was crammed in a mall’s parking lot between two heavy bikes.  We pulled and dragged with all our might but our feather touch just wouldn’t help.  We gave one doggone look to a man walking across.   With a leap and joy he came forward and with all his might got the vehicle out in a minute.   Wow! So much niceties to help out the poor damsels in distress!

Ø      We need them men to bring down the stuff from the high lofts.   That’s undisputable.

Ø      There is this streak of Raja Harishchandra in every man.  Their universal anthem is pretty straightforward and they admit it – that they just cannot understand us, women.

Ø      Shopping for apparels and accessories is not exactly their favourite thingy.   Huh good. That gives us a lot more time to shop to our hearts content, without a nudge or a grudge.

Ø      I realise chivalry is not all that dead, when I look around and find young girls in their twenty somethings getting treated by men with more than just their company…Hmmm the goodies !

Ø      The day we lose our cool and want to go headon with a man, they make it so simple for us…. We can just effortlessly  rattle out all the blunders they have done in the past.  They just give us so many reasons , as compliments,  to battle it out :-).  How forthcoming is that!

Ø      Many a time when a bill is placed in front of us, watch them men, get maniacal about picking the tab.

Ø      There is this awe factor about them, am still trying to get over.   Take for instance, two completely strange men meeting in a room.    They can sit next to each other, and discuss may be sports, politics or gadgets OR not say  a word and just watch  television and feel absolutely fine after an hour of silence.    Now this , this is an ‘X’ factor that works only with men!!

I need to stop right now, before I am tempted to go on and shift sides!   This is just meant to be a simple thanksgiving for the men I know.


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  1. hey , that s certainly a great synopsis on the species called “men” who have been bestowed with all capabilities except for the fact that they cannot understand the unstoppable , ever enigmatic wonder called the woman ! In my view , women demand perfection and attention from we men all the time ,become jealous too soon ,they long to be understood and are ultra sensitive but Just can t imagine a world without the enterprising eves .. !

  2. can t expect a better way to express one s mind and views ..way to go Priya . But pls remeber that there are a few exceptions too 🙂

  3. Firstly well written Priya.
    It’s quite surprising to see appreciation coming for the “Male” gender – esp from a Woman. Did you notice most of the admiration are garnered around how men do things for women.

    Well…. that makes them good at times but most of the times ….. Dumb.

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