Friends, Indeed! (for all my friends….)

Hands on my head
Eyes so red
Am watching the folks,
The ladies and the blokes,
Who scurry past by,
Like a wandering fly !
Some say hi and some say bye,
Some are indifferent,
Some take no notice..…
Which is all very fine,
On any other day
But not today!
Today is a day
Am feeling so low,
I’ve lost something precious
Don’t my eyes tell so?
All I wish 
Is for a hug to heal,
A shoulder to lean,
A hand to hold…
But My oh My !
This seems to be a world of Hi Bye!
With thoughts retrospective
It gives me a perspective,
To value those,
Who have come along
And held me strong,
In times of need,
Without an ask
Without a fuss!
So I wish to thank you
My dear friends
Who stick around and stand by me
For you are the most, precious indeed!

11 responses »

  1. lovely one Priya ode and a tribute to Freindship, the best of all relationships . s true that “har ek freind zaroori hota hai “.. !

  2. Hi Priya, enjoyed reading this…this is so true in all our lives…we assume all is well!! reality is so different….Nags, thanks for sharing this…

  3. Classic one on the best love after that of mother s .precious treasure Indeed .. happy reading it once again! Thank you priya

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