The Vizard’s Valentine Masala!

Hello! Hello!  Would someone care to hear ?
The real life stories, that are so so dear.
I know them first hand for I hear them all
I am the lizard you find on the wall.
The V-izard is what, am fondly called
For I mastered this subject
Called the Valentine Art.
My observations through inspirations and desperations
Across bed rooms to board rooms
Or any other place with leg rooms
Is prompting me today
To share my thoughts of V-isdom
Without any further delay.


Listen to me one and all
As am sitting on your wall
Eagerly waiting to tell all!


Love is the passion
Love is the light
That keeps you awake
When the time is right.


If it is true, it never really leaves you
Even through the times
When the days are blue.
It may happen in a flash
Like a lightening that struck you
Or it may take place
At a snails pace.


It doesn’t matter when
But when it does happen
Like a feather you drift
Through rift and shift.


Some have it easy
Some have it rough
For some it is smooth sailing
For others it is a wailing!


There are some factors
That comes in handy
Even if, you are not so dandy
Now here is the gist
Of the catalysts ……


Cheques and Balances
To name the least
Give you an egde
No doubts indeed!


The looks that kill
Tongues that wag
Feet that dance
Are some, which makes you winsome.


Then there is charm
And there is grace
Which is always an ace
To the lady’s gaze.


Some change course
During the way
So be it
As it is destined that way!
Perfect love is a perfect wish-wash
Well nothing is perfect no matter
How you wish or wash!!.
Love is when you found someone
Who makes you feel together as one
Who will take you for what you are
And  make you feel like a star
If this how you are feeling
You are are a truly fortunate being.


Valentine’s Day has arrived
I got to run
To make sure I don’t miss out on the fun
It is time for me to end
So heres a  good bye my dear friends!




18 responses »

  1. awesome Gift to readers on Valentines day ! … The love lizard is a novel conceptualisation and the blog brings out the best thoughts on love .. You seem to have abundant blessings of lord Cupid 🙂

  2. Nice one Priya ….

    Some change course
    During the way
    So be it
    As it is destined that way!

    There are only two types of people in the world – those who find true love in life and those who cannot …. but it is not by choice it is just because it is destined that way!

    thanks for sharing….God bless

      • Oh it is really a pleasure to read what you write and I do not know why but I had this strange feeling that you have lot to say Priya ……. :):):) … I will look forward to your blogs for sure …

  3. You have made some what should be quite serious points in a very causal fun way. Love V-izard – priceless. This is real good writing priya. shared it on fb.

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