When Gods Went Crazy – (Story – Part 2)…Sequel


The Gods transitioned from heaven to earth, in a snap, shedding all their super powers looking forward to spending a day like a common man. They spread themselves like scattered seeds throughout the length and breadth of the globe. I decided to follow You to your destination. You landed in the land of ‘spirits’uality, current fad being ‘demo’crazy.

You land up right outside a hut narrowly missing the gutter. You are engulfed with the stench of the surroundings. You try to approach the inmates of the hut. In the process you stumble upon two baskets covering the chickens, one after another. Hell breaks loose with the chickens running in every direction and you in between. A lazy dog amused by your act joins in with his loud barks as a cheerleading gesture adding fuel to the entertainment.

However the dog’s bark is misinterpreted by the lady next door. She watching you enter the hut screams “Thief! Thief!”. The time is 6 am and you have had an exciting start. The members in the house – a man, wife and three children rush out and bump into you as you enter in. The family looks at you, questions you to infinity and all you say is “God Bless!” with a smile. Soon the entire neighbourhood is out there sizing you up. They finally conclude that you seem harmless and you are probably lost.

They ask you the next logical question “Where are you from?”. You respond “Heaven” no matter how differently the question got phrased every time. They decide to give up on you. Some think you are drunk and some think you are insane. They ask you to leave immediately. You take this opportunity to flex your physical self a bit and spontaneously start running as if you are on a sprint race. After several hundred metres, you halt and pant. You look around. You seem to be on a busy lane.

Across the road you see men gathered outside a small shop sipping a cup of hot drink. You are overcome by an urge to taste it immediately. You are reminded of nectar. You step into the road and walk across, totally oblivious to the vehicles around you and the directions they come in. You cause complete pandemonium in the process, with people vociferously calling you names. Names you are hearing for the first time! Amused, you move on.

You reach the shop. The ‘Snake Bar’ as it is called, has hot drinks and deep fried snacks. You step inside and order a sample of everything you find there – from the groundnut candy, to bajji and vada. You realize that even heavens don’t provide such greasy, tasteful and expressive dishes. You grasp that you have been on a health diet all along and in a mood to indulge now. In sometime, while you are still busy nursing your hungry stomach, you find someone nudging you with a piece of paper and asking you to pay. You had not anticipated this. You say you do not have anything to pay. You are asked to step aside. You are given the task of serving food to customers for the next one hour.

You humbly take it up as a task to be accomplished. You hum a tune along as you serve. You are so engaged. You change the mood around. People are cheered by your angelic smile despite your undesirable circumstances. The place seems to be crowding up. You win their hearts and you are allowed to go and even offered some tips as bonus.

You stretch under a tree. Soon you find yourself in an island surrounded by chickens. You flee to the sea. The sea is filled with a chocolate coloured liquid and you swim across it to reach a boat. The boat is made is of a spicy snack. You start savouring it while you are pushed down by a unknown hand. You resist and in the process wake up gesturing hard. You’ve just had your first dream!

 (Watch out for the sequel on what happens next in my subsequent blogs)


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  1. hey nice flow priya… keep writing, waiting for the next one…. i like the “You landed in the land of ‘spirits’uality, current fad being ‘demo’crazy.” 🙂

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