When Gods went crazy!……….(Story – Part 1)


A beautiful rainbow fills up the sky and stays glued. Birds and flutter-bys of every kind prances around  making a beautiful rhythmic dance. Every road is laid by colourful flowers from trees adorning the sidepaths. A little walk down the flowery bed fills you with fragrances that engulfs you, almost setting you in a trance.

You are in a blissful state. You never get hungry yet you indulge in eateries as a hobby. All you do to grab a bite is to enter the divine kitchen that provides you any dish you recall from top of your mind. The kind of beverages you sip here are nectar like in quality and ensures your freedom from death is multiplied every time you take a sip. For a little music and dance you just make your wish and stunning apsaras drop out of nowhere to dance to the tunes of your music. Their roles were created with the sole job description of satisfying your entertainment needs.

Holy HOW? After all, you are a God.…a God amidst Gods living in Heaven. If You don’t get to live like this, who does?

While am at this, a phenomenon happens. You get a strange feeling for the first time, in the last hundred million years you have lived here. You are pinching yourself. Its happening and its true. A feeling, an emotion, that’s unsettling you. You check with your fellow Gods and they all seem to be searching for their itch spot as well. It seems to be in the air. After a quick discussion you all approach “Encyclobrahma” the Know It All God who never steps out as he has too much to catch up with.

On entering his abode, he takes his eyes off from the I-Ogle for the first time again in a hundred million years. He takes a glance at the seemingly forlorn faces surrounding him. He obviously knows why. The Gods have been bitten by a bug, a viral one. It was contagious and spreading fast. The EncycloBrahma commands them to leave at once, just in case the bug catches up with him, but, not before announcing his verdict. A foreign object has entered this paradise. His judgement was thus : a particle one zillionth in size of an atom, had somehow perpetuated into the walls of paradise causing a phenomenon only familiar to the lesser mortals – it was BOREDOM. The only way, he predicted, to get over this, was to kill it.

The Gods needed time to recover from this shock. The Gang o’ Gods got back to their conference table. The flowers, the fragrance, the birds and even the dainty Apsaras made no difference. Sitting on lotus petals with hands stretched out on a giant banana leaf and heads down, they were trying to think of an action plan. The brains, you see had to be exercised and needed to be booted. As the booting process was taking place, they were jerked out of their petals by a weird noise. Everybody looked up to see the source. It was YOU. Your lips, parted wide, on opposite directions let out a meek noise that was trying to make its way……YAAAAWWWNNNNNN. That was it! It terrified in a funny sort of way. Everyone tried to flee. But it was too swift and caught up . Soon there were series of yAAAAWWWWWNNNNSSSSs. Other heavenly beings like the Apasaras and the birds gathered around, and for once felt thoroughly entertained.

The brain booting process was complete. The Gods unanimously came to a decision. It was time….time for action. They took a bold move. Boldest indeed, across galaxies. For they decided to swap their abode for a day in earth, rubbing shoulder to shoulder with humans to catch all the excitement and kill their boredom.

(Watch out for the sequel on what happens next in my subsequent blogs.  In the meanwhile I would love to hear from you your ideas on what could  possibly be happening next.  Feel free to leave your comments, ideas  – crazier the merrier!)


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  1. Well. the Gods will be amazed with the options we have here… the social networking sites is the best to kill boredom,, total vambu watching man.. Well we live a better world than the Gods. 🙂

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