I looked into the mirror…

I looked into the mirror
But could see no more
The one that was me
Oh where did I go?


The  innocent smile
The spark in the eye      
Mischief on my lips
That ignorant bliss !


All these went missing and it got me thinking
Am still contemplating
Should I put up the board ?
“Most wanted – Alive or Hurt”.
These words are screaming aloud
Inside me like a thunderbolt.


Life does that, as days goes by
Spicing and sprucing
With experiences and learnings.
It shapes you up every now and then
From the shoes, of an ace craftsman.
It tempers you up and it tempers you down
Until the point your time has come.


On the ‘heavier’ side, there is more that I see
And so can you, just trust me.
Ten kilos added than ten years ago
More lines and tiers, than I wish to show
There are reasons and reasons to this of course
Though every calorie added is one deserved !


When am down and out and need a slight push
The chocolate does the magic, that nothing else would.
And just everytime I decide otherwise
There comes a celebration that would be sinful to let by
Chocolates, Rasmalaais and Ice creams
A dessert after every meal
Keeps adding to my calories
So also my unwitting display of prosperity!

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