Taking a Sneak Peek…..


I would love to take a sneak peek into my future
Wanna see if life then is a perfect picture
Oh! But Oh! That’s not gonna be….
Well what the heck
As  someone said
Go then  for the next to best
Where you still could take a sneak peek
Into the lives of friends & foes
Those you know and even don’t
On every page in this book
Well ofcourse, the facebook!
The wall its called, standing tall
In full glory, pictures n all..
Let me come now straight to the point
And let you in on what went on
It took a facebook to get me to know
That I could peek and creep and sneak
In to a case like Mr. Holmes.
Well all in all, I have to say
It entertains, once in a way
This is one way to confess
And let off the guilt without a fuss !

7 responses »

  1. Sneaking and peeking is fine
    when you do it with a tipsy of wine
    then you will travel the sands of time
    making for a really entertaining time

    Enjoy your sneak peek!!!

  2. The one that’s supposed to divide, now kind of unites 🙂 FB has changed the meaning of Wall, quite literally.

    Rocking Priya. Very interesting read. Keep your thoughts flowing in….

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