The day I knew I was Possessed…..


One lazy morning, I wake up with this wonderful feeling you sometimes get when you have nothing much to do for the day.  Precious indeed as it comes once in a way.   I decided this was just the day  to take some time out to ‘smell the fragrance of the roses’ and connect with the elements.

So I attempted this.  With a cuppa chai and my favourite masal vada in my hand I sat down …well to smell the fragrance of the flowers indeed!!   It took me a full ten minutes to let the elements sink into me.   And then, it got me into a state of trance..…Wow! Nope Whew! Indeed.

I realized IT was all over the place. ‘It’ was in the air, was in the sounds I was listening to……even extended to the masal vada I was holding and the coloured liquid I was drinking.  ‘It’ was  omnipresent, extending its  flavour everywhere.   It was possessing me.  The more it got to  me, the more I wanted to get away………..SCREAMING !

For ‘It’ was the Pollution that was eating into me, in the air I was breathing, the noises I was  listening, even the masal vada was stuffed with onions coated with pesticides !     Aaaaah!  The sink with the elements stung me with the stink of ‘It’s existence!


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      • goodone priya………….metro life ……… daily I start the day as a new born angel newly arrived from Heaven looking sweet as sugar and very honey honey. But honey this honey and sweetness turns into pathetic sourness as by the end of the day i become

        a BHOOT…a nicely educated BHOOT……….coz of hot summer day

        & dust /noice pollution…………………..

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