The Ace in Lace…


Do you know someone who has the natural gift of donning several hats at the same time? Well so do I !   After all, it takes one to know one.

  Alright, alright I am also one of those proud endowed beings screaming on top of my voice.  Well, just ask your dearest  woman and she would tell you for…..

She has mastered the art of jugglery.  Her family, professional, virtual  and  social time vie with each other for attention. Oh of course I have forgotten an important aspect, her personal time too.   (Well guess that’s because it gets forgotten most times!)

She is a queen in her own right.  She rules her kiddom.   To keep her subjects entertained she indulges in so many roles  – a playmate, a mother, a caretaker, a story teller, a singer, an entertainer, a masterchef & so on..

She is a great host.  So much so that she hosts an uninvited guest everymonth.   More like a necessary evil.  It comes and stays with her for a few days and if it doesn’t, well there’s more reason  to  be concerned!.   Ofcourse the frequency reduces and eventually stops as her hair greys and the face wrinkles….

She comes in different flavours.  She is generally expressive and does not wish to hide this potential.  She has got an astute memory and puts it good use to ensure that certain things are not overlooked.  Them ‘ignorants’ sometimes deem it as ‘nagging’.    What would the home be without the ebb and flow of her activities?

Biological changes in her triggers a set of cyclic impacts….from hormonal changes…. to emotional takeoffs ranging between depression to euphoria.  But thank god most of her life is so action packed she seldom has the time to notice this!

She loves to shop.  Her contribution to the economic progress through this simple act  is impressive.  Sometimes binges on icecreams and chocolates.  Nourishments like these are quite important for her physical wellbeing.   Flowers and colours brightens her up.

She loves to be pampered.  Chivalry is always in.  Romances are never out of date.  She is most gratified with a  partner who could be her best companion.

Well finding it a bit tough to conclude suitably.  So here i sign off by saying ‘Thats all folks” for today.


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  1. Very well written Priya. Loved the touch of humur in this. ‘Kiddom’ – That’s a very interesting word. And like you mentioned, A home would never be complete without a woman being part if it.

  2. wonderfully written …the many avtaars of the modern day woman and her un spoken need to be pampered also brought out so beautifully in this blog . Awesome writing skills Priya .. Best wishes.

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