Boiling Points!


Girl raped for 6 hrs in moving car

Mumbai man rapes teen, makes MMS

Father uncle kill 17 year old girl


Am angry, furious, red hot in my face.  Everytime I read in the newspaper about a girl being raped, about a kid being taken advantage of, I wish really hard and pray if and if only we could teach these heartless beings a lesson – in their own style but multiple times bitter.     The hatred comes from deep within – a force that makes me vow that these beings deserve no lenience whatsoever.    A feeling that makes me desirous of possessing a supernatural force that could just correct all these mishaps in one go…..

The deep hatred, i guess, springs from the fact, that in all these situations what is taken advantage of is the vulnerability, the helplessness and the innocence of the victims.    The emotions are very strong when I write about this.  Women & children are the most daunted physically – domestic violence, child abuse, etc .

Physical violence weighs and stands out instantly.  Thats one aspect.  But what about the scars that are not visible and yet takes a long time to heal?  Don’t we find people in  our midst who derive pleasure from exploiting the weakness of the other , people you trust the most letting you down, people building their homes by  breaking somebody else’s (not meant to be taken literally), people using power to humiliate,  those who manipulate others all the time for favourable decisions.   Am not beyond prejudices and my observations are  based on my judgement.   Am not perfect either and might have been at the giving end as well.   

These thoughts have just left me wondering today if  there really is salvation to these base instincts…..i wish there is.   



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