Best Friends

No words, no conversation
Nothing to say, nothing to hide
Yet , by just being around
They make you feel complete
That’s what best friends do…….


When you are happy or sad
Naughty or mad
Virtuous or vicious
They share your moments
That’s what best friends do…


Into a world of limitless possibilities
Exploring life hand in hand
With so many firsts and so much fun
That’s what best friends do………


When you need solace
When you need reassurance
Or just to crib your heart out…
They are there to hear you out
That’s what best friends do………


They touch your life so much so,
That when they are not around
You just cannot reinstate                                                                               
The dent they managed to create.


Most other people may fill your life
But not in so significant, a way.


To hear their voice over a call
Leaves you with so much joy
That’s what best friends do…..
There is no such thing as a perfect link
Misgivings & differences are part of this sprint
Despite these in your heart of hearts
There is no grudge you eternally hold on…..
Its  easier  to excuse when you want to
That is what best friends make you do.

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