Even when dreams dont come true…

Dare to dream, dare to hope
Even if it is all that you are left with in this world!

Isn’t that a diehard statement from a believer.  Yes I am one.   Deep down in me, there is always this ray of hope that tomorrow might just be the day –my dreams come true.  I don’t think am a dreamer by choice, by effort.  Am just designed that way.   No matter how many times I fall, I get upset, I still get up even if the only hope I garner is as faint as a fading dot.

My dreams don’t always come true and they have not.  It has costed me much more than can be explained.   There have been times when I’ve held on to a dream to the extent it became an obsession and yet it was not meant to be.    Broken dreams are perhaps life’s way of zapping me back into the real world, showing me the sometime thin line between reality and illusion.

When dreams come true, am high & happy like everyone else – with a tune on my lips and spring on my feet.  Obviously attribute it all to the power of the dream.  But when dreams come crumbling down, which they do more often than not, I feel defeated and disappointed quite easily.   I feel like a failure.  But in retrospect there have always been these guardian angels who picked me up from there.   These ‘angels’ have come in various forms – people  I knew or didnt, opportunities I had never hitherto explored or just that inner strength out of nowhere.

The way i would like to end this note is by saying, pursue your dream even if it is as slippery as an eel.  Its worth it.   But if it would mean holding on to a donkeys tail and you get kicked, take it in its stride and find a better tail to hold on.

Look also at the good part of being a dreamer – the dreams change – there is always something else to look forward to!


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