The ‘She’ in my life


I barely know her.  Yet I dance to her every  tune.  She is not my new boss and she is not my gatepass to a lottery either.   She changes every year,  her demands change, but my loyalty towards fulfilling them seldom does.    She does not know the skills she has unwittingly brought out  in  me.   She is my kid’s  teacher.  

 My kid is right now in her Primary.  But what lessons her few years of schooling has taught me!

Chart world : Lets take for example the art of ‘Charts’.   Almost every other week charts to be presented colourfully, differently.   For someone like me who has a handwriting like a chicken scratch, it means diligent and dedicated effort for a presentable writing on charts.    I am progressing….i can see it. Yippeeee!

From Art work to Hard work : Have I told you, there is this set of people  whom I revere, I see in awe, almost worship them – for that one quality I  seldom display.  They are the artists. I had never before willingly ventured on painting, drawing or anything that’s close to art other than worshipping them and patronising them.  But here she is , demanding that stuff be done within the shortest possible time, with a clause – to be handmade, not to be purchased readymade.  Lets take the latest example of having to send across a prototype of an animal’s tail. (Thank god, I have friends who sometimes step in and ease me out of this.  In this case ingenious Mythili who did it with a orange dustercloth rolled in, painted with black stripes –tigers’ envy, Mythili’s pride!).     Other instances being hello cards, thank you cards, prototypes of beach, etc.

Nothing is impossible:  Over the last few years, we have mastered the art of dressing up the kid in unimaginable costumes (to be handmade) – carrot, coriander, parachute, peacock, spaceship and what not.   All the creative nerves deployed to its best.

Team work  – We (some parents) have worked out that team work helps. So much so, from enthusiastic idea sharing chats, to a parents’ meet for a kids project.  The last one was a ‘touch and feel’  book we had to do – using various textures (tree – felt cloth, rabbit – cotton, horse – sandpaper, etc).  That was fun.

Discipline – By the way, timelines are sacrosanct and cannot be deviated for any reason! 

Teachers being teachers, and schools being schools, I guess, have hidden objectives of training the parents for a better tomorrow of their wards or is the objective to ensure family bonding over school projects !  Well whatever it is, the kids are out there having all the fun, a little more at our expense!  So no complaints.


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  1. I luv the stuff…….maybe b cuz I mirror the same emotions……..I luv the phrase ‘tiger’s envy, Mythili’s pride’………art may not be your cuppa but humor definitely……. keep going gal !!!

  2. Lol. Nice one Priya.. No comments about the tongue in cheek ‘ Tiger’s envy etc etc, but love the title – the ‘she’ in my life. And word of warning, you got a lot more coming from many more ‘shes’ AND you got it coming all over again when Mahathi begins her innings at school. Am sure you would be quite an expert by then.

  3. Good one Priya, very true.. When i was reading thro got a flashback of the last 3 years.. cannot forget the fun and the team work we had during these days.. and it still continues with the leadership of Mythili 🙂

  4. how true … The kids delegate or off load their work to parents , which is a task yet a kind of learning for many of us ! Manasa had to do a collage of US operation in Pak and execution of osama as a part of her internal assesment project work .. Lots of research on the net , paper clippings and old magazines , a comitted mom and a dad were involved in fulfulling this opertaion collage !!

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