Wanna be a Celebrity overnight!


You could be a nobody. Till date, that is.  Should destiny beckon that you become a celebrity nothing can stop it.  But should it take a short cut to reaching you there, there are ways & ways.  Some timetested proven techniques recommended below.

·         Have an affair with the rich and the famous but most importantly get spotted –at the apparently wrong time & the wrong place.

·         Allow yourself to be used as a tool – of use or abuse by someone whom the world watches.   File a suit against that person and watch people watch you.

·         Have an eagle’s eye and spot a popular event closely watched by everyone – like sports for example.   Then claim to have an objective.  ‘Motivation’ is a powerful claim .  When you don’t know how to attract attention from either the audience or the players use your ‘self’ as the tool. Throw a threat –  Offer to bare it all, for instance .  That would do it!

·         Get yourself enrolled in a Reality Show.  No better time than now.   Make sure you throw tantrums, walk in & out of the show , make sensational statements and throw everyone off gear.

·         Understand your X factor.    Now this need not necessarily be an ‘appeal ‘ factor.  It could be anything – including that which turns every one off  (am not suggesting a funny body odour….. well on hindsight why not!)   Leverage this at the most suitable moment and get noticed.

·         Just when you are anywhere close to the limelight, or any camera light for that matter,  suffer a wardrobe malfunction.  Very fashionable these days & seldom goes unnoticed.

·         Start an extraordinary campaign & talk about it like it were your ‘calling’.  More unique the campaign, better it is, like say, measures to tackle the repleting earthworm population.  Important is the way you execute the campaign, the location, the uniqueness, the choice of your outfit (perhaps crossdress – like a worm may be, and surface out of nowhere).

·         Have a mission, a goal for a greater good – start a movement for a cause of the common mass.  Very powerful but this aint any shortcut– lot of hard work.

Well if none of the  ideas seem pathbreaking to you, dont fret, its just not your time yet!! I mean your karma is yet to catch up.   But the question is does being a celebrity mean good karma or bad karma?  


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  1. Thank God! for smaller mercies………my Karma is yet to catch up……….we are so ‘boxed’ in our lives…….for me, its for folks who have all energy and time to think ‘Out of Box’ (pun intended).

  2. So True, Most of our celebrities are like bad photographs – under developed and over exposed. One more point to add to your list would be the latest fad – fast against corruption, population, pollution whetever.

    Very nicely written Priya.

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