A day’s start…


Whoever said life is easy, life is fun, etc,  had perhaps not really looked around, the way I did – yesterday.  To give you a background, am the sorts whom one can call as ‘predominantly preoccupied’ for most parts and occasionally, like yesterday, do  try to give the zen philosophy of ‘living the moment’ a shot.   An inspiring start for the day with an appointment with a noted person, I did not want to be late & yet just about made it on time.  Atleast had managed to appear  prim & proper,  leaving no clue of the devastation at home, this last minute rush had taken. 

On my way back after the meeting , now breathing better, I decided to take a look around….and what did I find?  

a)      Men & women taking serious interest in the colours of light.  The Green light meant “CHARrrrrrrgggggge”, Amber light “get ready to charge” and Red “Damn, I missed it”.  Surely  this bursts the myth in the rhyme “Stop says the red light, Go says the green…..”.

 b)      Every vehicle seemed to have a bus to catch.   Each one competing against the other.  It’s truly a battle of skills to test.

 c)       Our  dear autodrivers spending their lifetime fleecing their customers and customers spending their fortune travelling in these autos (me being one of the regulars!) . 

 d)      An accident almost occurred due to carelessness of a biker – what ensued in this near accident scenario was a verbal rampage, with no reported external injuries.

 e)      My trusted lieutenant, my servant maid , calls up for a favour & cribs to death (my near death i.e) about her alocoholic husband and her financial woes.

 f)      Finally as i passed by a park, looked forward to a better sight but as far as I could see it was deserted barring a couple of  lazy dogs, who had given up looking for a bone & was resignedly enjoying the sun tan.

Nothing new about the chaos.  Finally i was left contemplating, if my thoughts in  my mind were more chaotic than the everyday chaos of life!



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  1. It felt like being on the roads of Chennai during peak hours on a typical working day. You are right about the thoughts being more chaotic than the seemingly chaotic rhythms of life.

  2. You said it Priya … the hustle and bustle of city life. Ironically most of this is unnoticed as we the noise around us has become a tune so common.

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