To be or not to be….


Today on my way to office a familiar sight greeted me – that which greets me almost every day.   At every main traffic signal I find them – ‘them’ – whom I consciously avoid making an eye contact, pretend they don’t even exist and should they come in my vicinity, just shake my head & clearly indicate a ‘go away’. Yes am talking about the poor beggars on the streets.  Women with small kids, children, handicapped persons & homeless elders.   My heart goes all out when I see them, it really hurts, yet, I  turn my head away to even acknowledge  their existence.   And I face this dilemma every time – to be or not to be –  ‘helpful’ ’empathetic’ (in this case).  Would I be right in giving alms, would I actually be helping them or would I be encouraging them further??   I really don’t know.


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Hi. This is Priya and this blog is absolutely my scrib board of kinds - things that fascinates, depresses, infuriates, humours me - essentially my ramblings on everyday life, nature & generic stuff.

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  1. All of us should have the right to earn for our own living. That would be a kind act. Entitlement attitude from any quarters should not be encouraged. Giving alms all the time would be harmful and not helpful.

    Temporary solution would be to take them out and making them eat a single meal right before our eyes. That way we know that neither the money nor the beggars are misused/abused. One can do that once in a while when we have time at hand if not all the time.

  2. I heard from few Social workers that these are done with a major portion given to Politicians.
    Very painful to see small babies in hot sun being used for beggary.

    Have plans to meet our NEW CM and atleast express our views on this to safe guard all the small
    kids and babies being used for such cheap activity. But no idea how and when…

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