The Jinxed first!


There are two kinds of people – those who get it first time right and those who don’t!  In my case the latter applies, to a large extent – the first time disasters!  The only paradigm I have begin to accept though, is it all works out right eventually!   Now all this realization dawned when I was catching up with a friend on the good ol days.    Jotting down those that are still fresh in my memory….

I had just joined MBA, we were to have a Freshers party and the Freshers were to entertain the Seniors.  In our batch, I happened to be one of the ‘chosen few’.  And me, at that !  This bright minded friend of mine, T prodded that we do a skit.  A French skit translated in English.  The skit was dripping with sarcasms…but guess what,  to the audience, that barely made a dent in their laughing bones.  They were soaking serious…oh gosh, thought I would pass away with embarrassment and they would be witnessing my demise.  Thankfully it ended and there I was, waiting to get to a place where I would be forgotten forever!   (But that was not to be, and the dias got to see quite a bit of me all through my semesters and in much better spirits).

Then there was this senior professor who professed operations research and never did ever stop with that.   For reasons & reasons, from day one I could never see eye to eye with him.  I used to dread sitting through his classes and hated his ragging sessions (which was his forte – pick a victim a day & not let go till the session ends!).    My feelings about him was a open secret.   Well the semester was done, and I thought it was all over, until two years later, I was looking at the list on the notice board, which stated he was to be my Mentor for my final Project – it was a live preview to a cardiac arrest!   Why me god , why me ! was the only thought on my mind.  Eventually, my stars did shine  right – it worked out this time – to the extent, I sincerely owe it to him for a gold medal for performance!

More than a decade back, I had just joined an organization and the IT person was configuring my Lotus Notes ID.  It was all very new to me then.  He was just jovially chatting and asking me to say any oneliner – I was just looking at an article which said something like “Be happy. The worst is yet to come!” and I quoted that.  Went home in utter peace, with  the first day gone well.  Next day as I walked in – Surprise!  It turned out that was a IT test mail that goes to all ,  with “test” as the header & in this case the above quote as the content.   Had a few chats to handle !  On the flip side I barely needed an introduction after that.

After all, the worst is yet to come!


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