The Great Divide….


The divide between the Haves & the Havenots, the Nurtured & the Abandoned, the Loyals &  the Betrayers can all change places over time.  However, in my opinion no divide is greater than the divide in thoughts, opinions, beliefs….the divide in value systems.     Today as I was talking to someone celebrating a birthday, it reminded me of the great ‘birthday’ bashes that has become hygiene nowadays.  Especially in one of the organizations I worked, it was sinful to celebrate, without a cream decoration on the victim for a start and the next logical progression meant a bash on the face.  And of course,  a very accepted cultural phenomenon.

The poor cake finds its place everywhere else,  except down the gullet – the carpets, the dress, the face, etc etc.  The irony here is, for the folks who clean up the mess this is quite a bit of luxury to waste.  I remember a housekeeping person packing the leftovers that hit the carpet to take it home for her kids.  It would make a difference to them, she said.  

I guess some indulgences are worth a think through…..A little bit of sensitivity is all it takes.   



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  1. Very sensible suggestion. Why don’t Indians learn the ever so many good customs and values of the West..? Open-mindedness and fairness for a start..! Bah..! There they go trying to understand and emulate the spirit and culture of India..! Oh, please.., pretty please, unlearn these wasteful cake and cream splashes..! Whereforth is the teaching that every grain of rice is sacred and should never be wasted..! Conveniently forgotten or in the deep recesses of our mind! Wake up, kids!

  2. Celebration in progress… only thought is to grab a piece smear it on the face ,neck… and YO…. feels like part of the GANG .., we are used to being reminded to such sinful waste… Will spare a thought next time…remind people around me..

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