Laddoos & Jalebis


Ladoo means boy and Jalebi means girl. These are the code words being used in the ultrasound centers to convey about the gender of foetus to the family of the pregnant woman. The distinction extends to the way the pregnancy gets treated, the baby gets welcomed, etc, etc….

What is intimidating is the cultural bias that’s passed on for generations.  If education is the only hope we can garner, we have to wait decades perhaps to see the results.  What is required is a cultural shift, an attitudinal change, a liberated approach ……a Movement  against Discrimination!

Having said that, while not exactly a mass culture, there is definitely also this “Oh I wish it were a girl !” syndrome especially so amongst my circle of friends & relatives.  Its all well to have a boy, yet…..

  • Ø  Little girls are cute….they can be dressed up in so many ways! (Dolled up to our whims & fancies I guess)!!Ø  You know girls sort of hang around their parents.  That’s a good to have!Ø  Girls are responsible…they care ! (hmmmm….)

    Ø  Girls are handy..they help you in the kitchen!! (hmmmm…again!)

    Ø  So on & So forth!

  • So all is well out here that ends well.   Where its not well lets try and do what we can, like may be sponsor education, set an inspiring example, adopt anything that works!   And yes, lets hope ladoos & jalebis get compared for rightfully gastronomic purposes & no more!

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  1. “Its all well to have a boy, yet…..” – very clichéd and grapes are sour comment , probably you have daughters and are spending time justifying to yourself and the world – as in the post below , let go and enjoy life don’t fight a loosing battle

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