Fighting Losing Battles


There are always reasons to fight & to fight back .  But why fight a losing battle ?  Because  some battles need to be fought no matter what.  For example, a battle against corruption in India.

However there are battles where the battle itself is poignant than the end, especially the battles of life and death.    One person who comes to mind was my dying neighbor.  She was suffering from Multiple myeloma, a form of cancer.  That did not stop her.  For a mother of four, she would be up early in the morning watering the plants, cooking several varieties of  dishes every meal, customized snack for every guest, watching the sunset in the evening, celebrating every festival to the fullest.  This despite the numerous hospital visits and her failing health.  She had her husband, her granddaughter and a dog at home to take care of.   Where did she derive all the energy from I would wonder?  I used to be her chat up mate whenever I found time (which was far & in between).  But she was a pleasure to talk.  A knowledge house of everything from cooking, housekeeping, gardening to even detailed explanations on medicines.  Today even though she is no more, the very thought of her spirit inspires me.  Now that’s a battle well fought.

Then there was this part time driver of mine, who had given his all, plus taken loans for his children education.  One of them did make it to do a BE, others did not care much and dropped out.  But what did it mean to him – an employee of a milk booth – starts his day at 4 in the morning, doubles up for a car driver part time, drives autos during the day, back to work in the evening, unpaid assistant for temple authorities, odd job man for people around the locality – all at the age of 50+.  Amazes me.

Well, there are others who fight losing battles for a cause – love, marriage or anything they are passionate about.

On the other hand, there have been great men who fought losing battles in their times – but the battle they fought then, was the harbinger of their ideals achieved, though after their times.  Classic example, Subramanya Bharathi (1881 to 1921) a freethink reformer envisaged a time when India would go beyond regions and religions, of barter systems & women empowerment.  Many of his thoughts revolutionary at his times, have translated into reality now.

And my last category is people who fight losing battles with abusive relationships, betraying partners, harmful addictions.  Here the battle is not necessarily driven by choice, but lack of it.

As someone said “Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.”


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  1. interesting me its not about winning or losing the battle..rather it is all about how you do your battles..the dignity with which you live your life lives on for ever . So battle on with Dignity!!!!!

  2. Fabulous and inspiring Thoughts !! These people who fight their own battles against time are the real heroes and heroines !! Three cheers to the Budding Blogger !!

  3. Splendid thoughts Priya. Biggest battles are fought within self, it always about what you want to do vs. what you have to do.

  4. I am reminded of a poem that I studied in my degree course which is as follows:

    ” Full many a flower is born to blush unseen
    And waste its sweetness on the desert air”

    Priya, are your talents are wasted elsewhere? Should you not have been in the field of
    literature or journalism

  5. Touching blog, Priya…! I am proud of you, my friend. I am in tears as I write this comment.
    Truly inspiring common people – your ex-neighbour and part-time driver.
    @S. Kannan: Mama, thanks for quoting Gray’s Elegy on the Country Churchyard. Your words remind me of those of my own father.

    • Dear Mythili, Thank u for reminding of the source of my quote, which i have actually forgotten. I am glad that I was instrumental in reminding of your father.


  6. Inspiring and Touching… your Blogs are a pleasure to read…. Priya.. try your hands on Authoring books….Mr Arun Sikka has written a book” Kabab Maker and the consultant” do read it , inspiring and thought provoking..( though a bit heavy)

  7. Truly inspiring…Life is a battle and it should be well fought…this gives me more positive energies to prove that Heaven can be brought home if the battle is well fought…Thanks Priya for this.

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